General FAQ

What is PhilAlerts?
PhilAlerts is a powerful portfolio manager with stock alerts built for iOS and the Philippines stock market

What are the main features of PhilAlerts?
The primary feature of PhilAlerts is its unique ability to transmit both push notifications and email notifications.
In addition, PhilAlerts allows creation of virtually unlimited portfolios, display proprietary charts with candle sticks and other technicals, a profit viewer, and aggregated news.

What technical indicators are supported by PhilAlerts?
Candlesticks, Open-High-Low-Close, Simple Moving Averages (SMA), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

How many alerts are supported by PhilAlerts?
You can put a maximum of 15 simultaneous alerts(3X more than the previous version) in the basic version, 45 if you upgrade to premium.

Is PhilAlerts a Universal App?
Yes. There is no need to purchase separate iPad and iPhone apps. The PhilAlerts app will detect the screen size and adjust the content automatically.

Are PhilAlerts portfolio and transactions synced across multiple devices?
Yes, PhilAlerts makes use of iCloud and CoreData iOS technologies. This ensures that portfolios are synced automatically across all your iOS devices. If iCloud is enabled, there is no need to press any button to sync portfolios.

Are PhilAlerts portfolios synced across multiple devices?
Yes. We use iCloud to sync portfolios and other settings.

Are PhilAlerts alerts synced across multiple devices?
No. To simplify ease of use, we do not use any login and password. We use a unique device identifier to know which device an alert is to be sent. Therefore alerts are not synced across devices.

Is PhilAlerts data private and anonymous?
Yes, we do not require any user accounts and login and password to use the app. This makes PhilAlerts easier to use than competing apps and ensures that we have no knoweldge of the user and all user interactions are anonymous.

What delays can we expect with Alerts?
While alerts are transmitted every five minutes. Update of stock prices are subject to delays of the service provider, typically 10 minutes or more. We do not guarantee per second updating of stocks nor per second transmission of alerts.

What security is built in to PhilAlerts?
PhilAlerts now comes with SSL encryption for better security of transmission.

How do I contact you?
For feedback, questions/comments, you can send an email to We'd love to hear from you!