This page will send push notifications to all valid alerts. For testing use simplepushtestproduction.htm. this page sends push notifications using simplepush.php. This page will first retrieve all valid alerts using getallalerts.php. The alerts are checked from 10pm-430am server time every 10 minutes. simplepush.php accepts id,token,message,email,pricetriggered paramete. Once loopAjax() is called (alerts are checked) log.php will log title=pushtriggered,description=date. Note that an adminpush is sent every 10 minutes. Administrator token has to be updated constantly. clock() is called to set a recursive timer every 1000 seconds. clock() will call loopajax which will retrieve all valid alerts and push all simplepush urls into an array arr. After which a setinterval is called to create timer which sendspushnotifications every 2000ms. Pushing ends once currentpos is greater than arr.length Note that emails are not pushed here, for that use sendemail.htm (not working currently)

Note sendpushall and sendpushall2 are to be deleted at the server and sendpushall has been renamed to sendpushtestproduction

Note that his page also allows you to test whether notifications are working by sending single notifications using pushtestproduction.php (date only), simplepush (dateonly), and simplepush with message taken from the textbox. Note that you have to input the pushtoken in the textbox

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