iPhilStocks+ for iOS 9

Our most advanced and versatile version of iPhilStocks

We are excited to release our latest version iPhilStocks+, our most versatile and advanced version of iPhilStocks now built for iOS 9.

Invest intelligently with iPhilStocks+, portfolio manager and market watcher for the Philippines stock market:

Portfolio Manager, Transaction Manager and Profit Calculator

Use portfolio manager to add, rename, arrange portfolios  easily. You can add and arrange stocks within any portfolio. In addition, portfolio manager allows you to monitor overall and daily profits from each portfolio. You can also click a button to save your data to iCloud-- so it never gets lost. In addition, iPhilStocks uniquely can accept both buy and sell transactions to calculate both unrealized and realized profits.

A Univeral App for all your devices

Built for all screen sizes

iPhilStocks+ has been created to be optimized for all screen sizes. With an iPad more information is fit on the screen, with an iPhone less. It even supports the latest Split view multitasking found in the latest iPad and iPad Pro. This ensures the best user experience no matter what device you use.

Native Charts With Technicals

iPhilStocks+ comes with powerful native charts which are simple yet powerful.  Analyze charts with RSI, MACD with signal line, Simple moving averages. In addition, you can also compare charts of different stocks in an easy interface.

Market Data and News To Invest Wisely

iPhilStocks+ summarizes the latest market action so you don't have to. View the latest gainers, losers and most active, lowest PE stocks and highest yielding stocks. In addition, iPhilStocks+ curates the latest news so you can invest with the right information.

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